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Beautiful Concrete Enhances your Curb Appeal!

Everything needs a solid foundation to start, including your home!

Pause and imagine this picture:
House A has an oil-stained concrete driveway, cracks, and virtually no pattern of continuance.

Now let us shift to House B...It has a similar driveway layout but no oil stains, cracks, and the continuance of the work is evident.

Is it safe to say that not only would House B look more presentable but in the event of a sale, it would fetch a higher dollar amount than house A?

Operating from very basic and obvious questions is one thing, but actually having the experience of living in a house with beautiful concrete work and detail is a completely different scenario.

Concrete floor

The Concrete Bakersfield is the only concrete resource you'll ever need!

You can completely change the look of your home by simply installing new concrete in the driveway, in the walkway patios, in your porch, concrete pool deck or anywhere else around the perimeter of your home. Furthermore, the styles and ideas that you can incorporate to add a unique design element is also limitless and only bound by your imagination. You can add a beautiful concrete overlay design, you can have a completely covered concrete front yard with inlay craftsmanship, or you can have a beautiful pool deck coating that you can surround your pool with that will make you the envy of your family.

The Concrete Service Bakersfield is the only resource you’ll need to fulfill any of your residential or commercial concrete needs. You will only work with experienced technicians that have a vast knowledge of working with different styles and methods of concrete floor overlay. No job is too big or small to handle. We will be the last concrete resurfacing contractors you will contact before starting your dream project!




Concrete services

If replacing your concrete is not in your budget, you can always consider concrete resurfacing services. Plain and simple, this entails giving your existing floor a “ face-lift.” You can restore your existing concrete by fixing the cracks, cleaning it, and applying the desired coating to bring it back to life. After fixing the existing floor you will find that there are many options available to you – textures/patterns that you can apply, different colors you can incorporate that will change the look of your concrete.

And you can resurface any type of concrete that you desire – from your driveway to your pool deck to your porch. The possibilities are only bound by your imagination and we can also help you with that! Call now for your cost of the concrete resurfacing quote.

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A beautiful Concrete Overlay may just be the right answer for you!

All it is a thin coat element that you can apply directly on top of the surface of your existing concrete. This will change its appearance instantly from worn out to the look of a brand new polished concrete floor. You will have the opportunity to choose from many overlay designs to style it to your unique personal taste. Applying an overlay to your existing is not always the best answer especially if your flooring has severe cracks and its completely uneven. However, you’re only a phone call away from finding out what it’s going to take to transform your property’s appearance 

Apply an elegant concrete coating to any surface

Re-design your patio or porch

Welcome your family members and friends the right way. By redesigning your concrete floor you can instantly make your home more inviting. Just like a room’s color can affect your mood, so can the most beautiful concrete deck painting. From first seeing your concrete front yard, your guests will be met by your porch/patio. What better way to welcome your loved ones than having a beautiful setting to congregate. 

Re-design your driveway

Concrete replacement and Concrete driveway resurfacing is also available to you. It is the first thing you come home to every day, right? Why not make it look the very best. We can apply a concrete overlay that will make your driveway look like a resort drive-thru. Or, we can apply your first concrete driveway! Please call today or fill out the form to find out more about concrete overlay costs.

Re-design your pool deck

Enjoy your summers like never before. Enjoy a cool deck coating area that will allow your guest not to have to wear shoes/sandals around the pool area. Or, enjoy a new look by applying a fresh coat of concrete pool deck paint. We can also give you recommendations as to what style will work best for you. We have a big portfolio of painted concrete pool decks that we can show you to help you generate ideas. 

Re-design your walkways

As concrete experts, we understand that there are no limits to the number of looks we can incorporate in your home to make it look completely different. Sometimes big projects aren’t necessary to give your home character. Stamped concrete refinishing your walkways can set your home apart from your neighbors’ home. You can give your home an uplift by just focusing on the minor touches as well. Or, just apply a beautiful concrete overlay. Talk to us today about bringing that character back to your home.

Re-design your rooms

Who says that concrete is only for the outside? Most homes don’t have a beautiful hardwood floor underneath their carpet. They, instead,  have basic gray ugly concrete. Modernize your home by applying an epoxy finish to that concrete or give your garage a metal epoxy flooring look. Mix it up too!