Bakersfield Concrete Floors
Resurfacing driveways

Concrete Driveways

A great-looking driveway is essential to having a beautiful curb appeal. After all, it is the first thing that anybody sees as they first lay eyes on your house. A great concrete driveway resurfacing job will immediately get this done for you. Whether you’re looking to overlay concrete you currently have, install a brand new concrete floor or you’re looking for a stamped concrete refinishing we will get the job done for you. We’ll give you different idea driveway overlays to choose from.

Concrete Patios

When looking for concrete resurfacing contractors, make sure that you find one that can do any job. A patio can be the setting that will create so many memories for you and your family. A patio is more than the description of the space. Any concrete business will tell you that if you consider yourself to be an entertainer you must have a magnificent decorative concrete resurfacing job done to your patio. You can slap on an epoxy paint coating or an ornate concret service finish with the advice of your contractor. We can also help you with any patio concrete repair!

Epoxy finish

Garage Floor coating

When you’ve thought of how to remodel your garage, have you ever thought of installing a polyurea garage floor? That or floating a clear epoxy floor coating over the existing floor? These are great options for your garage floor because they will transform the look of your garage at a reasonable cost, they are great against car stains, and there are many style options to choose from. Either of these options will automatically allow you to use your garage as a workstation, a “relax room” or simply another showpiece of your home. Call us today for your epoxy finish quote or to explain polyurea vs epoxy coating options.

Beautiful Concrete Floors

Pool Deck Resurfacing

There’s no point in having a glistening fresh cool pool if the surrounding area is worn down. Like patios, pools are areas where memories are made. There are so many options to choose from in the world of resurfacing pool decks. When you’ve thought of maybe just slapping a coat of paint, you essentially can. Painting pool decks means that we can apply a nice concrete overlay or cool deck paint to keep your feet from getting burned on those hot summer days. Painting pool deck will give your outside congregation area a remarkable uplift. We also specialize in pool deck repair. Call for your quote today!

Pool deck texture
Concrete resurfacing

Concrete Rooms

Modernization is everywhere! Did you know that some homeowners are looking to concrete floors as alternative options now? The days of tile, carpet, wood, laminate may not be behind us completely but they have definitely invited a new friend into the mix. Modern advance concrete solutions are here that can offer any room in your home a spectacular floor finish with so many colors, textures, and other decorative concrete resurfacing solutions to choose from. Common areas for an indoor concrete floor can be living rooms, reception rooms, offices, dens, kitchens, bathrooms.

Concrete Walkways and Porches

Although not the highlight of your home, let’s not forget porches and walkways. If redoing your home, why not do it completely right? A nice staped concrete finish will certainly change the appearance of your porch. Our concrete service includes all areas of your home. Call today for your free quote!