Can't replace it? Overlay a beautiful coat on your Concrete floors!

One way to resurface your concrete floor is to apply a beautiful overlay coat. This will essentially restore your existing floor and change it into a new appealing highlight of your home. There are so many different offerings of decorative overlays designs to choose from. Also, there are those tailored for indoor or outdoor usage and thickness. However, it is great to know that you can apply a concrete overlay to just about any concrete surface.

4 Overlay Concrete Options



Microtopping is an alternative option to removing existing floors. Its a thin overlay that you can set right above an old floor. What is exceptional about it is that you can use on just about any residential or commercial floor! You can use it ceramic tile, hardwood floors, concrete and other natural stone floors.

This overlay allows, after the required treatment, to be able to polish the existing surface. You will be able to create the look of a terrazzo-style floor knowing that the concrete overlays cost is very affordable. This overlay is perfect in covering previous floor defects and hiding any flaws in the current flooring. You can create a smooth and consistent surface with this concrete polishing method. This is the perfect floor for business lobbies, reception areas or dining areas in your own home!

Polished concrete
Stamped Concrete Overlay

Stamped concrete overlay

This allows you to create a floor that looks like natural stone! You can apply the overlay coat over existing concrete and instantaneously get the same look as if you poured and molded the stamped concrete from scratch. It allows you the ability to not have to replace the concrete and restore your existing floors. This stamped concrete refinishing option is perfect for patios, barbeque areas, pool decks and much more. Call today to find out more about your staped concrete pricing!

Do you have an uneven floor currently? This overlay option is the answer to get things started. This overlay restores worn concrete surfaces and is the perfect option to level the floor. The concrete mix will be poured over the desired floor and we will be able to evenly spread out the compound to achieve a level surface.

painting concrete around pool

Pick from a variety of Colors and textures!

Colored Concrete
Colored concrete services

Bring your concrete floors back to life. Apply an overlay and completely re-design how your floor looks, feels and makes the rest of your home decor Pop! A concrete overlay can greatly reduce your cost of resurfacing concrete floors. With many options available, the possibilities are endless on how you can re-design. A metal epoxy flooring on your garage would look amazing! A fresh concrete deck painting job by your pool would make the whole family want to spend all of the summer hanging out! Your concrete overlays cost is worth the amount of family memories you can build by simply re-facing your floors.