Concrete-Resurfacing tailored to YOU!

If your concrete is still serviceable and even, you probably won’t have to replace the concrete. You might be able to apply a clear epoxy floor coating or a polyurea floor coating. OR, you can overlay a stamped concrete surface. OR, you can color your concrete. Whatever you can think of, we can help you reach your goals. There are so many options to consider when re-surfacing your existing floor. We’ve seen and worked on so many different design elements over the years and we can guide you to get the project started off right!

Many Concrete Resurfacing Options!!

Choose from a vast collection of beautiful concrete resurfacing options. Pretend that your existing concrete floor is a white canvas and you’re about to paint the picture of what your beautiful floor is going to look like. There are so many textures, colors, designs, patterns to choose from. You can make sure that the pool deck coating matches your patio color scheme, You can make your driveway resurfacing be neutral to be able to choose from various design options when remodeling your home. Either way, we will present you with a portfolio of decorative concrete resurfacing options. Choose wisely!

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Concrete Resurfacing Step by step

Step # 1: First, we must prepare the surface by grinding or etching it to make it porous and can absorb better. We use a variety of tools to get this done right so that a new coat can sit on it without a hitch. Once satisfied, we clean the surface thoroughly and let it dry.

Step # 2: We mix the product that you wish to apply to the surface and following a specific plan, we apply it on the desired surface until we achieve the consistency were aiming for. Depending on the type of finish you desire, we will either be spraying or rolling the overlay on the surface

Step # 3: We finish this process by sealing for long-term protection. This will ensure that your concrete design will be preserved for as long as possible and it is easy to maintain for the coming years.





Concrete resurfacing


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Concrete resurfacing walkway

Our #1 goal is Customer Satisfaction

Our number goal is to make your concrete as beautiful as possible. With so many years under our belt, we have worked with a wide variety of coating applications and nothing but the best coating overlays. Out of of all the concrete companies in Bakersfield, we want to be your only concrete service resource. Let’s get your concrete project started off the right way!