Cabinets shouldn't be the only thing you can stain, right?

Much like staining your cabinets can completely transform the look of your kitchen so can staining your concrete transform the look of your home. Staining your concrete does so much more than just changing the color. It penetrates into that concrete slab and gives the surface different tones and opacity. You will be able to see these differences in different lighting and times of the day. Again, it is a cost-effective way when looking for a concret service to come and change the look of your current floor. As seen on the pictures, your end result can resemble a brand new polished concrete floor or the highlight of certain textures.



Acid staining concrete floors


Concrete staining

Finished Look

Acid staining concrete floors

Acid-based vs Water-based Stains

If applied right, both stains are very durable and wear resistant. Because of its chemical compound, acid stains are able to penetrate deeper into the concrete. It becomes so ingrained into the concrete that it will not be easily chipped away over time. Water stains are also good options if applied correctly and they offer many more options in terms of color. Stain usage is perfect for any space within the home or place of business that has concrete exposure. It will create a unique incomparable accent that will give your space another dimension. 

Choose from so many different Stains and textures!

Once you know the difference between acid and water-based stains and what each offers, the next step is to choose your color. You are afforded the luxury of being able to choose from a vast collection of thousands and thousands of different stains and textures. What’s important is having the colors match with the rest of your decor. Concrete staining your floor will alter the appearance and put a nice elegant look to the overall look of your property. As one of your concrete resurfacing options, you should always consider staining your concrete floors. 

Staped concrete