A Gorgeous stamped concrete floor is a Game Changer!

Stamped concrete refinishing can be one of the biggest highlights you can give your home. It is more affordable than installing a whole slab of natural stone or unique brick design. The design choices are again only bound by your imagination. It is pricier than a stamped concrete overlay, but if beginning on a brand new concrete pour why not incorporate brand new staped concrete. It is durable and easy to maintain once it is properly sealed. 

Coming up with a unique landscape design stamped concrete combination will instantly increase your home’s value. It will create the perfect family-gathering environment and make you the envy of your neighbors. The textures, patterns and color schemes you can play with are endless. 

Stamped concrete
Stamped concrete Bakersfield

The stamped concrete process will happen right after the concrete pour. The process itself will not take more than the day the concrete is poured. Post-treatment will require at least one more day. If your concrete floor goal is to give your home a face lift or upgrade, then stamped concrete is perfect because it will give it a look that will be unique and elegant. Its range in pricing can extend from $5-$22 a square foot. Call us today for a free quote!